Westside Rentals Passwords?

Tired of paying $60 for a 2 month subscription to Westside Rentals, when you really only need the account for about 2 hours? I have a solution for you: Craigslist. But don’t use it to search for apartments; use it to search for discounted Westside Rentals passwords! I recently searched in the “for sale” section of the Los Angeles Craigslist page, and I found about a half dozen people offering to sell their Westside Rentals accounts. The prices ranged from $20 to $30, and each account had at least 30 days left on it. Paypal was the preferred method of payment, and a few sellers indicated that they want to meet in person.

I actually went ahead and emailed the people at all the listings, expressing my interest. Two of them got back to me. Chris was asking $25 for an account that expires in the end of September, and he would only accept Paypal. Steve wanted $20 for an account that expires in October, and he preferred to meet in person. Both guys seemed perfectly normal in their emails; I have no reason to believe that the transactions would have gone anything but smoothly, had I purchased the passwords (I’m perfectly happy with my current living situation).

Here’s the link to my Craigslist search: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/search/?areaID=7&subAreaID=&query=westside+rentals&catAbb=sss

4 Responses to Westside Rentals Passwords?

  1. I am lookong for single aparment. $800.00 Max. $ 900.00. Just one person.or roommate with decent people.I am also member. For rent.com.

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  3. Anton says:

    You are awesome! Got a p/w for $10 in 10 minutes. Thanks!

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